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The 10 Best Steam Generator Irons for Hard Water Areas

You need to buy the best steam generator iron for hard water areas so that you can keep your clothes smart. There are some fabrics on your clothes which will require ironing. There are several types of steam generators in the market. It is essential to carry out research from where you can locate the perfect steam generator iron.

In this article, we would offer the top 10 best steam generator iron for hard water areas reviews and buying guides for you.

What Is the Best Steam Generator Iron for Hard Water Areas?

Comparing the Best Steam Iron For Hard Water Areas

Photo Title Buy

Rowenta Steam Pro...image
Rowenta Steam Pro Professional Iron 1800 Watt
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Professional Grade 1700W...image
Professional Grade 1700W Steam Iron for Clothes
Check Price

Rowenta DW7180 Everlast...image
Rowenta DW7180 Everlast 1750-Watt Anti-Calc Steam Iron Stainless Steel Soleplate
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Rowenta AccessSteam Steam...image
Rowenta AccessSteam Steam Iron, White/Blue
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Rowenta DW8270 Pro...image
Rowenta DW8270 Pro Master 1750 Watt X-CEL Steam Iron
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Silver Star Bottle...image
Silver Star Bottle Steam Iron ES-85 Gravity Feed Steam Iron with Non-Stick Laminate Sole Plate
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Rowenta 400-Holes, Green...image
Rowenta 400-Holes, Green DG7530 Compact Steam Station
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Steamer for Clothes...image
Steamer for Clothes, 1540W Powerful Portable Handheld Garment/Fabric Steamer
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Garment Steamer for...image
Garment Steamer for Clothes, 2-in-1 Dry & Steam Iron
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COSTWAY Garment Clothes...image
COSTWAY Garment Clothes Steamer
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Best Iron for Hard Water Reviews on the Market of 2020

#1. Rowenta Steam Pro Professional Iron

#2. PurSteam World’s Best Steamers Professional Grade Stainless Steel Iron

#3. Rowenta DW7180 Anti-Calc Stainless Steel Steam Iron

#4. Rowenta AccessSteam Iron with Automatic Shutoff

#5. Rowenta DW8270 Pro Master Steam Iron with Profile Soleplate

#6. Silver Star Bottle Steam Iron with Non-stick Laminate Soleplate

#7. Rowenta Green DG7530 Compact Steam Station

#8. Fuchisa Humpback Portable Handheld Steamer for Travel

#9. Uvistare Garment Steamer for Clothes

#10. COSTWAY Professional Heavy Duty Garment Clothes Steamer

Can I Use Ironing Water in Steam Generator Irons?

You can use the iron water in steam generator irons provided it is designed for both applications. It is essential to look for water specifically made for use in steam generator irons. You can as well mix 50 percent tap water and 50 percent distilled water in your steam generator. It is advisable to go for water which has been made for use in steam generators. Some iron water will be clearly labeled not for use in steam generators.

best steam iron for hard water areas

Can I Use Bottled Water for Steam Irons?

Yes, you can use the water to prove it has been balanced. In most cases, bottled water will come with balanced minerals. The main issue of concern is to avoid using water which has high amounts of calcium which can end up staining the clothes. Provided the bottled water is clean, you can apply it to iron your clothes and you will be left with good looking clothes.

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Why Does Hard Water Matter for Steam Iron Use?

best steam generator iron for hard water areas

It is necessary to avoid using hard water on your steam iron. Hard water has high amounts of calcium which will end up developing limescale which can lead to reducing the efficiency of your steam iron. Remember it is necessary to take good care of the steam iron. If you would like your steam iron to last long, then you need to reduce the use of hard water. Even if the water will appear clean, for the sake of taking good care of your steam iron, you need to avoid applying such type of water when ironing the clothes.

How to Choose the Best Steam Generator Iron for Hard Water Areas

There are several factors you should take into consideration so that you can buy the best steam iron generator. The steam iron generators are available in different sizes and models. It will be easy to compare the several modes available in the market after which you can decide on the best. Here are quick tips you need to take into consideration so that you can choose the best steam iron for your clothes to stay wrinkle-free:

best steam iron for hard water areas

Water tank

The steam generator will utilize water from the tank to form steam. If you intend to iron several clothes, then it is very necessary to look for a steam generator iron which has been built with a large water tank. Most steam generators will come with a clear indication of the tanks. Check on the water tank capacity before you can proceed to buy a given steam generator iron.

Soleplate: Thin and tapered

There are two types of soles plates used in the steam generator. You can have a thin plate or a tapered one. The different plates will have their advantages and disadvantages. For the case of a thin plate, it will heat fast. It is ideal for light fabrics. For the case of tapered plates, it will offer you the best results when working on a wide range of fabrics. Check on your garment requirements before you can buy the steam iron generator irons.

Steam distributes Holes

There are some steam generator irons which more than 400 holes. It is necessary to check on the holes before you can buy them. The more the holes available on a given unit, the better. For the perfect results, you need to look for a steam generator iron which has been carefully designed to assure you the best results. Each time you invest in a steam generator iron, you need to ensure it is designed to guarantee you the best results.

Cord and Hose length

You need room to move from one side of the iron board to the other. Check on the length of the cord before you can buy it. There are some steam irons that come with long cords. They will offer you more room to iron in your home without space restrictions. Even if you will have to set the iron table far away from the socket, with a long cord you will still enjoy the clothes ironing experience.

Steam Power

Would you like to have a lot of steam power? It is necessary to check on the power the steam can realize. A steam iron generator that produces high powered steam will work well when straightening the clothes. Check on the product description before you can buy it. In most cases, you will find all the details about the steam power indicated. Remember you need a unit that can speed up your ironing process. A steam generator iron which has a powerful steam production will make you achieve the best ironing experience.

Steam Pressure

The pressure from the steam produced matters. To remove wrinkles easily, it is necessary to ensure the iron you are buying can produce enough steam pressure. It will make it easy for you to realize the best performance when ironing. It is also necessary to take into consideration the durability of the steam iron. There are some units which are built to be highly durable, you can invest in such a unit and it will guarantee you the best performance possible.

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