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Best Steam Iron Press Machine – Review & Buyers Guide

Not sure which steam iron press machine is best for you?

With so many different types of iron press machines or steam press available in the market, it’s become important for buyers to do thorough research before spending their money. One must consider all the pros and cons of a steam press to be able to decide which product is best for them. After all, what works for one user may not for another.

Since everyone has different laundry needs, clothing materials, and personal preferences, there is no one perfect press machine that fits all. In this article, we will compare the main features of different products to give you some useful tips to choose the right steam iron press.

What Is the Best Steam Iron Press Machine on the Market?

In a hurry If you’re looking for a quick answer, our top pick is the SINGER Magic ESP-2 Electronic Steam Press. This steam press comes with a large steam plate along with variable dry and steam settings that help you achieve professional-level results in just a few minutes. To learn more about this product, keep reading!

Why Should You Choose a Steam Iron Press Machine?

Before getting to the reviews, lets discuss why you even need to get a steam iron press machine.

Iron press machines are great for removing wrinkles from all kinds of fabrics. Since they are much bigger in size, they perform a lot better than regular home steam irons. Ironing presses use water vapor for removing wrinkles as opposed to harsh chemicals that are used by dry cleaners. This method of ironing helps maintain the integrity of fabrics and keeps them looking fresh for a longer period of time.

Can be used for commercial or daily household purposes

Steam press irons for laundry are made for both commercial and household use. Usually, the steam iron press has a simple metal soleplate hooked up to a heater and a water tank. The heater transforms the water into steam and the metal soleplate injects the steam into the clothing. The hot steam and heavy metal soleplate work together to press out all the wrinkles from your clothing

Comparison Table

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The 5 Best Steam Iron Press Machines Reviewed

#1 SINGER | Magic ESP-2

Our first recommendation is the Singer Magic ESP-2. This steam press is ideal for anybody looking for a quick and neat solution to end all their ironing woes. Featuring an extra large steaming plate and variable steam setting, this iron provides impeccable results in half the time! It also comes with adjustable heat settings for all types of fabrics from nylon to cotton and linen, ensuring the best output without any chances of burning. To make it even more burn proof, this iron also comes with an alarm that beeps every 10 seconds to remind you to lift the handle!

#2 Steamfast SF-680 Digital Steam Press

If you’re on the hunt for a steam press that is highly durable and effective but still looks sleek then the Steamfast SF-680 is what you need! This iron comes with a super stylish dark body and digital temperature controls, making it a great addition to your laundry room. The best part, however, is that it performs even better than it looks. It comes with 5 temperature settings and 2 steam burst options that ensure every single wrinkle is removed. Apart from that, this iron also comes with a locking knob to lock the pressing plate and ironing board together. This makes it easy to carry around.

#3 Sienna Expresso SSP-1990 Steam Press

A common complaint most users have is that they cannot achieve sharp creases with a steam iron. If you also have the same problem then you must get your hands on the Sienna Expresso SSP Steam Press. This steam press comes with a large steam plate and reaches up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit that enables it to bust wrinkles from the toughest of fabrics and form crisp creases.

Even though this iron can heat up to very high temperatures, it can still be used on delicate fabrics. It comes with a manual temperature control which allows you to use it safely on all kinds of garments. Another great part about this steam press is that it comes with a removable non-stick padded ironing board cover. This cover prevents the ironing board from starch buildup and makes cleaning the iron more convenient.

#4 Speedy Press Oversized 35.5″ Iron Press 

If you need an iron that’s not just suitable for garments but for household drapery as well, then the Speedy Press Iron Press is perfect for you. This steam iron press comes with an oversized ironing plate that fits all kinds of long dresses, coats, drapes, and bed sheets. When combined with 100 lbs of pressing pressure and high temperatures, this iron delivers professional quality results in just a few moments. Besides being quick and effective, this steam press is also very easy to use. It’s lightweight and can be used with just one hand.

#5 Janome Artistic Elna Heat Press EP100

Our last recommendation is the Janome Artistic Elna Heat Press. This steam press is ideal for people who truly value their clothing and want to protect it against any harshness. The Artistic Elna Press gently removes wrinkles from delicate fabrics such as nylon and silk but that doesn’t mean that you should doubt its effectiveness on heavy fabrics. This iron works just as well on stiff fabrics such as cotton and linen. In fact, you can press up to 8 layers of clothing at once using this iron!

Best Steam Iron Press Machines – Buyers Guide

Types of Steam Iron Press Machines

Now that we’ve talked all about the best steam iron press machines one can find, let’s take a look at all their different types.

Electric Steam Iron Press

An electric iron press is the standard type of iron press. With digital control technology, you can set different steam and temperature to adjust different materials.

Professional Stream Iron Press

A professional iron press is a powerful device intended to press large amounts of clothing very quickly. These devices are intended mostly for professionals who operate dry cleaning facilities and deal with high-end clothes that cannot be damaged by the ironing process. Naturally, a dry cleaning shop will need a different professional steam iron press than a home user who simply needs to keep one or two work suits in good condition but otherwise has little use for it. Some of these devices are better for different users than others.

Commercial Steam Iron Press

Commercial iron press systems are smaller and intended for home users who have to do a decent amount of laundry but not as much as a professional dry cleaner would need to deal with. When choosing a commercial steam press, you must consider the different types of materials you need to iron. This is important because steam pressing is not suitable for all types of fabrics. Being clear on the fact that your clothing can be steam ironed helps prevent it from damage in the long run.

Home Steam Iron Press Machine

A home iron press is a smaller device and is intended for home users. These devices generally combine the iron and the ironing board to allow the user to put the clothes on the board, press an iron the size of the board on top of it for a few seconds and raise the top to reveal a perfectly pressed piece of clothing.

How to Choose the Best Steam Iron Press Machine

By now, we’re sure you’ve made up your mind to finally bring the best steam iron press home. So, here are some of the factors that you must consider before making the purchase.

Press plate size

The press plate size is an important factor to consider while deciding what steam press is best for you. If you have a lot of long dresses in your wardrobe or you want to iron your bedsheets and drapes, you must opt for a model that has an extra large press plate.

Note: Steam presses with large plates tend to be slightly bulky and hard to carry so make sure you have that aspect in mind as well.


While it is easy to iron clothes using a steam press, it can be equally easy to burn them. Hence, it’s incredibly important that a steam press comes with safety features such as an alarm or automatic shut off system

Temperature and steam settings

The steam iron press you purchase should offer variable heat and steam settings that are suitable for both delicate and heavy fabrics. Ideally, the product should come with a steam burst option as well.

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