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12 Best Travel Steamers for Clothes with Handheld Design

You need to go over the best travel steamer for clothes reviews so that you can locate the perfect steamer. There are some fabrics that will develop wrinkles if not ironed when steamed. While the designers of the steamers take time to introduce a wide range of products to the market, it is hence necessary to research around and locate the perfect steamer which can serve you well. Besides, Some of the factors you should take into consideration before you can buy a steamer is the portability. Just remember, when traveling you need a compact unit that you can stack in your travel bag and move around easily.

What Is the Best Travel Steamer for Clothes

Top Pick – Hilife Handheld Garment Travel Mini Steamer

  • 240ML Large capacity for continuous steaming
  • 700W powerful steam to effectively reduce wrinkle
  • 7 in 1 multi-use for a smart assistant to healthy living
  • Lightweight design for travel use
  • Zero risks with auto-shutoff system
  • Reasonable price

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The 10 Best Portable Travel Steamer for Clothes

Top 12 Best Travel Steamers for Clothes Reviews

1. OGHom 240ml Stainless Steel Panel Travel Clothes Steamer

It is a highly reliable steamer. With a large 240ML high capacity liquid tank, you can count on it to steam all your clothes before you can refill. The compact shape enables you to easily travel around. The simple one-button design allows even first-time users can master it in a second. If you are after a steamer that can serve you for a long, then you can count on a durable steamer. Premium 304 stainless steel heating panel guarantees long life-span thanks to its anti-rust and anti-oxidation performance. With the high-quality parts, the steamer will serve you for a long before you can look for a replacement.

It is necessary to check on the functioning of the steamer before you can proceed to buy. The 7-in-1 multi-use machine not only helps remove the wrinkles on the clothes but also levels up your lifestyle. Thanks to the 2-minute quick heat-up system, it shortens your waiting time especially when you are in the hustle and bustle. 

2. PERFECTDAY Mini Garment Steamer

It is a garment steamer made to achieve premium quality. With the travel design, you can count on it to realize the best performance at all times. The different parts used to make the steamer are highly durable. If you are looking for a long-lasting steamer, then you are at the right place.

When traveling, you need a steamer that you can easily handle, the removable nozzle head allows you to accommodate any corners of your suitcase or store it at home. Large 800W powerful machine gives steam flow each 18g per minute to effectively remove the wrinkles on any fabric like suits, jersey, blouse, wedding dress or even table-clothes. 

Do not worry about the safety issue, for the safe auto shut off feature avoids cases where you can end up damaging your fabrics. Once filled in around 100ml water, it can enjoy a total of 10 minutes continuously steaming. When comparing it with other steamers, you will realize it is among the best garment steamers you can buy.

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3. Lemontec 180ml Powerful Portable Travel Garment Steamer

The steamer stands out due to its powerful performance but also on its sleek appearance. Dark black endows it a modern look while keeping it look as new as usual even for long-time use. The lightweight and handheld design will make you feel comfortable to steam clothes from any location. Whether when at home or for travel use.

Long built-in 2 point cable gives you the chance to steam clothes anywhere possible, and there is no need to carry an extension cord any longer. In terms of the safety issue, it is designed with an auto-shutoff system to turn off the machine when it is not used or to prevent the machine from getting too hot or cold. 180ml capacity meets the demand for travel use in steaming, while it heats up continuously for around 9 minutes. Wait for around 70 seconds, and you can start your satisfying steaming time. 

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4. Magictec Portable Fast Heat-up Home and Travel Garment Steamer

There are times when you are after a unique item and here it comes. The unique new nozzle design is the major reason for its premium performance. With the steamer, you can rely on it to realize fast steaming experience with the fast 60s heating time. 

It produces powerful steam to offer the best results on different garments. The maximum capacity of the machine is 180ml and you can use it for 9 minutes of continuous steam. No matter for office, home or outdoor use, the long cord and lightweight shape provides you with effective steaming time. 

With its auto-shutoff design, it keeps you safe from all kinds of accidents. In a word, the 7-in-1 multi-purpose steamer will help you remove wrinkles on any fabrics and clothes. 

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5. Hilife Large Capacity Handheld Mini Fabric Steamer

It is a travel steamer with a large 240ML capacity. The big capacity liquid tank allows you to have enough steam for several applications in 15 minutes. Its versatile design aims at making you realize value for money. Large 700w steamer gives out maximum power in steaming, and effectively in removing all kinds of wrinkles on fabrics or clothes.

You will always feel comfortable after buying the steamer with its 9ft power cord, for it allows you to operate it remotely. You should as well check on the safety features. This machine is called zero risk steamer for its auto-shutoff system and outstanding working performance. Thanks to its 7-in-1 multi-use, each time you apply the steamer in your clothes steaming experience you are assured the best results. Getting such a smart gadget improves not only the user experience, but also levels up your living style. Being the same size as the smartphone, carrying it around is never a trouble thing any longer.

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6. iSteam Luxury Edition Multi-Task Powerful Steamer for Clothes Powerful Dry Steamer

It is a luxury edition clothes steamer, not reflects on the price, but more on its performance and sleek look. There are five colors selectable and this golden one can be the best choice if you want something luxurious on the look. However, the surprise of the machine never stops here. 

Features such as ultimate generation technology Nano polymer filter helps purify the water and prevents mineral building inside the reservoir, which extends the using time and adds up the value of the machine accordingly. The electronic pump system safeguards it from leaking and you can use it in any ankles possible.

The steamer produces powerful steam to work on the wrinkles and make your clothes straight. All safety features have been incorporated to make it easy for you to realize the best results when working on the steamer. Once filled in enough water, it gives you 10 minutes continuously steaming time.   

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7. DB DEGBIT Fast Heat Small Travel Steamer for Clothes

You need a lightweight travel steamer if you tend to travel a lot. The steamer has been designed to allow you to carry it to any location. Even if you have been embarrassed with wrinkles on your clothes, the steamer can be a great way to remove them. With anti-leak technology, it will keep the steam and liquid in control as you work on different steaming operations. Auto-off feature as avoids cases where you can accidentally leave it on and it ends up messing your room.

All safety features are incorporated to ensure it lasts long, apart from the auto-shutoff system, there is also a sophisticated heating system to prevent spit or hot water sputter out. The heating time is shorted to less than 25 seconds, and give you 8-10 minutes full-time of continuously steaming.

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8. Polardo Handheld Iron Travel Hand Steamer for Clothes

With this lightweight travel steamer, you will never regret. Features such as the powerful steam make it a highly reliable unit you can buy to realize the best performance when working on different steaming operations. With the compact size, it will not be stressful when packing it in your travel bag. It can work as a wrinkle remover in your home or when on vacations.

It is designed to work on any fabric. The premium materials and advanced aluminum heating elements are built to assure you of quick wrinkle removal. Anti-spill technology used in making the steamer allows you to realize the best results each time you are out applying the steamer. Powerful steam and lightweight design allow you to always achieve the best steaming experience.

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9. BEAUTURAL 1200-Watt Portable Travel Steamer for Clothes

The travel steamer comes with a pump to assure you powerful steam delivery. If you are after a powerful steamer, then the device will be a great choice. With wrinkle removing capability of steam, you can count on it to always stay clean.

A large detachable water tank proved makes it easy to operate. Large 260ml capacity keeps 15 minutes continuously use after 30 seconds of heating time. Unique leak-proof technology applied allows you to carry it around without fear of leaks, no matter hanging it vertically or lying it horizontally. For meeting various fabrics to use, it comes with 3 removable attachments, like lint brush to remove lint from garment; creaser to maintain perfect pleats and fold, and fabric brush to maintain clean visible dust from deep inside the fabric.  

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10. XROOL Mini Travel Clothes Garment Steamer

There are several factors that make the steamer stand out. For example, it comes with a no spitting water technology to assure you realize the best results. You can count on it to realize the best steaming experience. 

With quick and powerful steam production, you will easily accomplish large clothes steaming task. One steamer for all design allows you to work on a wide range of fabrics. The use of the new polymer filter makes it a highly reliable steamer you can get in the market. 900 watt large power heats up only in 22 seconds and gives 10 minutes of continuous steam. The compact shape and handheld design is specially made for suitcase or small corner storage. It also comes with a new nano polymer filter to purify tap water and protect the heating elements from calcification. 

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11. Beautiplove Dual Voltage Travel Clothes Steamer with Auto-shutoff System

For the best travel experience, you need to look for a steamer like this which can assure you the best performance possible. It has been carefully designed to allow you to travel comfortably. Features such as the automatic shut off make it a safe item you can have around. Remember there are times you can forget to switch off the steamer. There is no need to worry on how you can avoid accidents if you tend to forget a lot. 

The steamer has been built to assure you the best experience as you work on different types of fabrics. The super-strong design makes it among few steamers you can get in the market. It will assure you of the best performance when working on different types of fabrics. The worldwide voltage adjustment feature avoids cases where you will be stranded in case you travel abroad. And the streamline shape nozzle prevents spraying water. 

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12. Bovolo Park 01 Techno Travel Clothes Steamer

The steamer has been simplified but is very effective. It is portable and powerful enough to produce enough steam for different types of fabrics. Several safety features are incorporated to make it highly reliable in your home.

It produces enough steam to keep your clothes wrinkle-free. You will not be stressed when travelling. The steamer comes in a portable design to allow you to carry it around easily. With the safety features, you will feel comfortable carrying it on your vacation. Many people who have tried the steamer have approved of it. You will feel comfortable applying the steamer in your daily clothes straightening process.

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It is essential to go over the best travel steamer for clothes guides from where you can know the best steamers. There are several people who have tried several steamers out there; you need to get advice from them so that you can know the perfect steamer to buy. A steamer will help you keep the clothes straight and smart. If your clothes will require steaming, then it is necessary to carry out research and locate the best units out there. Here are some of the things you need to know about travel steamers before you proceed to order:

Should I Buy a Travel Steamer for Clothes?

If you love traveling a lot, then you need to invest in a travel steamer. It will allow you to keep the clothes smart at all times. Remember there are some fabrics which will require steaming regularly. A steamer will play a great role in such a case.

How to Choose a Travel Steamer for clothes

There are several factors you need to check out when buying a travel steamer. Here are some of the factors you need to take into account before you head out to buy a travel steamer.

Liquid capacity

If you intend to steam a lot of clothes, then you will need a steamer with a large liquid capacity. Take time to check on the capacity of the onboard tank before you can buy it. For small applications, a unit with a small tank capacity can as well work.

Powerful steam

Check on the quality of the steam produced, the best steamer to buy should be able to producer powerful steam which will make you realize the best results. The main aim of carrying a travel steamer is to get the desired steam. Ensure the unit you are buying has the capacity to deliver the required steam.

Portable travel steamer

When traveling, you will not need a unit that can inconvenience you. You need to check on the sizes. A lightweight steamer tends to work well if you are after a steamer that you can carry around. Try to compare the several models available in the market after which you will know the most portable ones you can buy to enjoy your travel adventure. It is necessary to ensure you buy the best travel steamer for clothes so that you can find it easy during vacations.

Travel Steamer vs. Regular Steamer?

There is a difference between the two. Travel steamers are compact to allow you to carry them around. Regular stammers, are big and tend to produce more steam. You will find a regular steamer having a large capacity liquid tank to allow for several applications.

Can I Fly With a Clothes Steamer?

Yes, travel steamers are allowed on flights proving they are empty. You should empty your steamer before you can include it in your carry-on luggage. You can as well look for a steamer that has been designed to be compact enough so that you can comfortably carry it around. Some airlines have weight limits, check with your airline before you can pack the steamer.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a way to pack less and avoid wrinkled clothes on your travels, consider choosing a travel steam cleaner. We’ve reviewed the best 12 travel steamers for clothes with handheld design, so read on to find one that’s right for you! Whether you’re travelling for work or leisure, choosing a travel steam cleaner can help keep your wardrobe neat and tidy while on the go. So don’t wait any longer – start packing your travel steam cleaner today!