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Oliso Smart Steam Irons – Detailed Review & Buyer’s Guide

Iron boxes have come a long way since their inception. Many of these irons sport advanced features that not only make ironing a breeze but also safer. However, there are still standout products that are a cut above the rest. These are the irons that have advanced designs, and features that further improve the task of ironing like Oliso Irons. Here is the best Oliso steam iron review to recommend the top steam irons on the market.

What Is the Best Oliso Steam Iron?

The Best Oliso Steam Iron Review

The Oliso TG1050 1600 Watts Smart Iron is designed for everyday use. Its features include iTouch and scorchguard lift technologies, the anti-drip system, the quad auto shut-off, a sharp detailer tip, and the extra-large water tank with side-loading easy access.

It also comes with the OnePass Pressing soleplate technology that allows for optimum heat retention. For electrical connection, it comes with an 8’8″ electrical cord that has a 360-degree pivot. The TG1050 Smart Iron is powered by 1600 watts, which gives the iron quick heating time.

The Pro series of the Oliso irons are designed and optimized for use by sewers and quilters. They, therefore, sport very robust features that make it easy for you to iron a large number of clothes with ease. With this in mind, let us delve into what makes the Oliso TG1600 1800-watts Smart Iron such a great iron.

The Oliso TG1600 comes with all the basic features of an Oliso iron. These include the iTouch and the scorchguard technologies, a pointed detailing tip, the anti-drip system, and the extra-large tank. It also comes with a 12′ long cord with a 360-degree pivot that provides ample working radius.

The Pro version also comes with the Pro-Zone Soleplate that is designed to provide extra-flat pressing area. Additionally, the soleplate sports a bead blast chromium finish yielding scratch-resistance and superior glide. The soleplate also features Oliso’s OnePass pressing, where the soleplate is extra thick to accord extra heat retention. Finally, the pro series of Oliso irons are powered by 1800 watts of power yielding quick heating.

About Oliso

When it comes to smart irons, Oliso is an industry leader. The company makes some of the most advanced irons in the market. The company has carved out a reputation for producing premium irons that are affordable, easy to use, safe, and sporting superior ironing features than their competition. Their award-winning iron design has helped the company grow tremendously. However, their product users that benefit the most as Oliso irons are truly user-friendly.


For instance, Oliso branded smart irons come with the patented Oliso Scotchguard technology. The Scotchgard simply lifts the iron off the board when you take your hand off, thus cutting off contact between your clothes and the soleplate. To resume ironing, you make use of the iTouch technology incorporated into the iron. Simply touch the handle, and the iron lowers itself into the ironing positioning. The combination of these technological feats negates the risk of scorching, tipping, and burning your clothes. In many regards, the Oliso branded irons have been noted for making ironing a fun endeavor.

Large Capacity Tank

Oliso branded irons also with extra-large water tanks that can hold up to 12.7 ounces of water for heavy steam usage. This reduces the need for frequently filling the water tank. However, when you do have to add water, the Oliso irons water tanks are side loading for easier access. Additionally, each iron comes with a large fill cup that makes the tank refilling an easy task.

Multiple functions

With regards to steam production and steam function, the irons come with 3-way steam and a 7 steam selection function. Additionally, the irons have an anti-drip system that prevents water leaks. Other features that every Oliso iron comes with is a pointed detailing tip, an auto-shutoff system, and 360 degrees pivoted cord.

Our Verdict – Which to Buy?

While the Oliso brand produces exceptional irons, there is a need to understand how to choose an Oliso iron that will yield the results you want. In this regard, you need to consider how much you make use of your iron and correlate that with an iron that suits your needs.

For households that require iron for regular ironing, the TG1050 Smart Iron will suffice to meet their needs. It has the entire smart features that have made the Oliso branded irons and award-winning brand whilst it comes with at a lower price markup. In this regard, TG1050 Smart Iron users get all the safety features as well as the smart capabilities that a truly smart iron should have.

On the other hand, Households and business enterprises that require irons with robust capabilities and features, the Pro versions of the Oliso irons are the best fit. For instance, the Oliso TG1600 is designed for high-frequency usage. It is ergonomic and well suited to iron multilayer apparels, thus reducing the amount of time ironing takes. And the Oliso TG1600 has a nice Pink Color for you choose:

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